Saturday, March 14, 2020

Input Devices essays

Input Devices essays Computers would be useless without input devices. Even small-scale computers from calculators to GPS navigation systems require some input from the human being in order to work properly and produce worthwhile output. Some of the everyday input devices like keyboards, mice, joysticks and microphones have reached increasingly more sophisticated levels of technology. Other input devices that are available to the general public but are generally used in commercial settings include touch-screens, keypads for ATMs and bank card purchases, credit card scanners, bar code readers, and more. However, new technology is constantly being developed to create ever more sophisticated and futuristic input devices. Some of these, like the digital signature capture pen and 3D body scanner, may never make it into the common household but are nevertheless fascinating new developments in technology. They enhance the ways in which human beings can interact with machines. Some other new input devices discussed in the Popular Science online magazine include touch screen GPS systems, fancy digital music centers that operate independently from the PC, and the most outlandish: the wearable computer. The wearable computer is mostly a thing of fantasy but baby steps will continually be made to eventually enable the entire human body to potentially interact with a computer. The portable navigation systems currently out on the market are very helpful for drivers, hikers, and campers. They usually require the user to input coordinates in a cumbersome manner, by scrolling down a list and manually inputting navigational points of reference. This tedious process has been recently made more streamlined by the introduction of the touch screen GPS system. However, this is really no different from the technology used for touch screen computers; the difference is in the output of the The advances in digital music...

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